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Smith and Wesson SWHRT9B Black HRT Boot Knife

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Smith and Wesson SWHRT9B Black HRT Boot Knife – The Under Priced Knife is Really Worth Buying

Smith and WessonI always expect the highest quality product from the renowned Smith and Wesson but this one exceeded all my expectations. The sharp knife is not a good one for play. It has two extremely sharp edges. Oh boy, this is not a toy at all and the bad boys may cause severe injury if there is critical situation between each other. Believe me; it wouldn’t need more than one swipe to protect any attacker. It is really a serious matter to employ knives if both the parties have knives in their hand. You must need to know the ways of using knives otherwise the attacker will take full advantage of it. It is certain that the knife will take quite a few days to get expertise on it.

This is probably the best weapon to keep your opponents or attackers at bay. I am sure that there is no opponent who will be interested to brag a person who is armed with the weapon. It will take couple of minutes to swipe or thrust any miscreants. Moreover, a very soft non-slip rubber is used in the handle. So, there is a little possibility to loose the grip.  Besides, it is quite easy to locate the center gravity of the beautiful knife. If you are a very good practiced thrower, you will discover the knife as the simplest one surely. You need not to put hard strength rather a correct technique will be good enough.

It is not like typical or traditional “boot knife” and you should be careful about it. A full size knife measures 24 and ½ (inches). Besides, the full blade is pretty same of 11 and ½ (inches). This is pretty same like the belt knives which are suitable for concealment. I have noticed that a very effective way to use the monstrous knife is to slide into the pockets of cargo pants. But, the most effective way is to carry or place in a normal over the shoulder bag which is comparatively easy to hide and better than to carrying in a boot. The over the shoulder is the best solution for carrying the knife unless you use jackets that have very big pockets. The large pockets of the jackets are also very good for carrying these knives. The attaching mechanism of the knife is very tight and I am working on it for couple of weeks but still it is difficult to attach something. However, this is quite important as the edges are razor sharp. This is so sharp that you can make any kinds of accidents by yourself if you become a little bit of careless or absent minded. You must ensure that the knives are kept in a safe distance from the children. Otherwise, a slightest or oven delicate touch will compel you to bring them to the ER.

It can be said that the pros of the knife will outweigh the cons definitely. You have no chance to make mistake and it is undoubtedly a lethal weapon. The knife can cause serious damage without any intention sometimes. It is very important to know the advantages and disadvantages of any product before taking the final buying decision. At the same time, you can take opinion from the users to know the best about a product.

Pros and Cons  of  Smith and Wesson Knife


  • The knife is really stable and durable
  • It is probably the best knife for camping
  • The knife is easy to keep inside the pants or shorts
  • The edges are very sharp and it is a great fighting knife
  • The high quality knife has a very low price


  • The sheath is more functional and you may not like its leather
  • The knife may have some corrosions and quality of metal is not the best


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